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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sabras - Meeting Needs

Sabras Radio, an online radio station based in London donated 12 wooden cupboards and 60 desks & benches for the entire school. In the past the students had to sit on floor, but now thanks to Sabras, this has been addressed and students have new benches to sit on and desks to write on. Their books are now stored in each class in the wooden cupboards.

On the day following the arrival of the benches, the children were seen making cards to thank the friends in Sabras who helped make their learning experience better.

We are very grateful.

Cupboard by Sabras, UK.

Dedication during combined prayer assembly

In the class room

Bench and desks

Bench and desks in class room

Students of 4th standard enjoying their new benches

Students in 5th standard

The 2nd standard children

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