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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

School is Cool - even as the Indian winter passes

The wonderful winter is coming to an end. But the School continues to be cool for all with various cool activities happening quite regularly. Featuring in the photos below are some that were captured when in progress. As the HOPE foundation School aims at becoming more of a nurturing co-parent, we would like the students to continually enjoy learning at school. 

4th standard performing skit on a Wednesday

Wednesdays are combined school assembly. Every Wednesday each standard gets an opportunity to lead the assembly, which would mean that they lead prayer, singing, pledge and also do a presentation. 

Another shot of the skit by 4th standard

2nd standard performing on a Wednesday

Another performance by the 2nd standard

Boys of the 2nd standard

Wednesday performance by the boys from 3rd standard

Girls of the 3rd standard on their Wednesday

More from 3rd standard Boys

First Aid Boxes made by 4th standa

The teachers are teaching various lessons, through involving the students in activities. The students enjoy this and also learn faster and better.

Other students with their First Aid Bo

More First Aid Boxes by the students

Windmills made by students of the 4th standard

Special Skit - World Records - by 7th standard

Cameraman with his camera - 7th standard skit

Junior KG Rhymes recital

Rhymes recital by the Senior KG

7th standard - Juice making activity

Various juices made by the 7th standard students

Juices made were shared with the staff
3 bags filled and planted during training to teachers

Global Garden Initiative taken up with our partner link school in Frome, UK.

Bag Gardens are a creative way of growing plants. More interesting ways are being explored keeping the environment in mind.
10 days old growth

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