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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bazaars of Hyderabad

Often when the classroom noise level goes up, teachers are heard to be saying, "This is a classroom, not a Bazaar." But last week the 7th standard classroom was actually turned into a Bazaar. 

This was an activity to support a lesson in their English subject, called "Bazaars of Hyderabad". The students brought some snacks and other eatables, along with few stationary  which they sold in the class. The buyers were the staff of the school during the break time. 

The students learnt few nuances of selling and doing business, while procuring a profit too. In 15 minutes the class had a turn over of Rupees 300/-.

This has encouraged us to think of a one day school bazaar in the future.

The soft drink corner

Sweet Shop

Namkeens(sweet'n'salty) corner

Local delicacies - The Bazaar Supervisor (Agilan. English Teacher) looks on

Gujarati yummies

The Stationery corner

Hawkers calling out to potential customers

Sales skyrocketing
Staff enjoying

Shop of the day

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