The Teachers at School-Bhuj (2011-2012)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Marcus and Emma come visiting

Miniature Flame
Symbol of Partnership

Marcus Bowman and Emma Pearce are teachers at the St. John's First CEVA School in Frome, UK. They visited the HOPE foundation school ,as part of the partnership with St. John's. This was the 2nd visit from their school. They were in Bhuj with our school for a week and spent time doing various scheduled activities, which would go a long way to cement the partnership and take it forward.

Everyone at the Amphitheater

The students at the HOPE foundation School had a great opportunity to see the world through these teachers eyes. The link with St. John's is a window for all of us through which we see their world.

Emma Pearce, Marcus Bowman and Pearly Christina (Principal)
Marcus and Emma spent their time at school initially observing the classes and eventually got involved in some exercises too. They shared about their classes and school combined assembly and various other good practices. In the bargain they too learnt quite some wonderful and meaningful activities done over here. They had very kind words to speak of the students, on how they learn 4 various languages despite many challenges. They appreciated the teachers as well, for their devotion in committing to help these children. 

Many suggestions have been discussed during this week and much is hoped to be achieved in the future.

Emma involved in a class

Marcus & Emma in session with teachers

With the 6th standard students
With the 7th standard students and teachers

With all teachers

Opening the Flame for dedication

Children with the Flame
Made by Mr. Anthony Rogers, parent of student in St. John's

After the flame dedication during combined assembly

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