The Teachers at School-Bhuj (2011-2012)

Friday, August 30, 2013

Principal's Award for August 3rd and 4th week

Winners of August 3rd week
First Row:  (left to right)
Sahista(Class Anjeer) - Good Handwriting & Neat and Clean
Md.Inayath (Class Oak) - Puts effort in learning
Afsin (Class Neem) - Confident
Harshal (Class Almond) - Good Dancing skills
Sahil (Class Nilgiri) - Responsible with all the work

2nd Row: (left to right)
Nisha Devi (Class Banyan) - Neat Handwriting & respectful
Shahin (Class Palm) - Effort in studies
Mosin (Class Fanas) - Responsible with projects
Ashiyana (Class Gulmohar) - Responsible with projects
Bhoomika (Class Bamboo) - Responsible with work given

Winners of August 4th week
Back Row: (left to right:) 
Prachi Rana(Class Anjeer) - Keeps Books Clean
Avanish Parshram (Class Oak) - Has learnt to write very well. 
Mahek (Class Almond) - Has a neat Handwriting
Sameer (Class Nilgiri) - Has grown in his learning Attitude
Karan (Class Banyan) - He writes very neat

Front Row: (left to right:)
Dhainish (Class Palm) - Getting better in Mathematics
Kishan (Class Fanas) - Has learnt to complete work on time
Bhupath (Class Gulmohar) - Completes given work on time
Dhruv (Class Bamboo) - In appreciation of his Honesty.
Winners of Certificate of Excellence for the month of August with their parents.

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