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Thursday, August 8, 2013

I got it this week!!! - (Principal's Award - period 5th August to 8th August)

Since we are heading towards a longer weekend, because of the Ramzan celebration., the awards this week has been pushed by one day.

But this time I will let the winners tell you why they won.

Left to right:

Priya - Class Almond (2nd Standard)
" I was good in studies this week, especially picked the pace up in Maths."

Angel - Class Anjeer (Junior KG)
" I was well behaved in the class and did work given to me on time."

Sana - Class Oak (Senior KG)
" I adapted well this week to the class and studied well."

Nisha - Class Neem (1st Standard)
" I am paying more attention to my studies now."

Left to right:

Md. Abjal - Class Palm (5th Standard)
" I have been behaving good in my class."

Umera - Class Nilgiri (3rd Standard)
" I am very active and involved in the class."

Tanisha - Class Banyan (4th Standard)
" I am well behaved in class and complete tasks given to me on time."

Left to right:

Yeshwanth - Class Bamboo (8th Standard)
" I am very helpful and also play Cricket very well."

Sumaiya - Class Fanas (6th Standard)
" I well behaved in class and sincere in my work."

Ghanshyam - Class Gulmohar (7th Standard)
"I have been focusing more on studies and obeying my teachers."

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