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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Motivated Winners of the Principal's Award - July 29th to August 3rd

We had always known that rewarding always motivated change. Now we are witnesses of the same as we see the children at our school make such wonderful efforts to be recognized for their good characters and acts.

I really appreciate all the teachers too who keep a look out to "catch them in the act", as we call it. Sometimes children can do negative things to get attention, so the teachers are now encouraged to notice them doing positive things and pay attention to it. One way is to give them a Principals award. Therefore, we have started seeing some wonderful improvement in attitude in the students.

Here are the recent ones!

And Why??!!!

Front row (left to right)

Dhruvi - Class Anjeer (Junior KG) - She joined the school this year and found it hard to fit in. Now she has changed and has become happy at school.

Jatin - Class Oak (Senior KG) - He is found to be very good in sharing with others.

Dhruv - Class Neem (1st Standard) - He is good in learning and behaves well with the teachers.

Asfaq - Class Almond (2nd Standard - Good handwriting and good behaviour.

Riya - Class Nilgiri (3rd Standard) - She is found to be making effort  to learn.

Back row (left to right... ... again)

Nisha Jat - Class Banyan (4th Standard) - She is regular to school, neat and clean.

Shufaraj - Class Plam (5th Standard) - He has started paying more attention to studies now.

Rakshit - Class Fanas (6th Standard) - Very responsible, obedient and caring for class mates.

Riya Gor - Class Gulmohar (7th Standard) - Very good drawing and is not disruptive to class.

Suraj - Class Bamboo (8th Standard) - He is very obedient while being a very active boy too.

Well Done All!

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