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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Visiting Partner School in Frome, UK

The second part of the reciprocal visit began on 20th of May 2012. While 2 teachers from St John’s (C.E.V.A) First School, Frome in UK visited us in February 2012, this was the time for our visit. Mr. Christopher Noel, Director of the School Program in Bhuj and Mrs. Pearly Christina, Principal of the School took up the visit.

The week long visit at the school was an eye opener for both the schools in many ways, at the same time confirming some of the similarities in both schools. As the partnerships main beneficiaries would be students of the school, every activity undertaken during the visit at school was aimed at understanding how we may increase the communication between our students, which we hoped would enable them to understand their two very similar, yet at the same time different, communities.

The week was lined up with many wonderful events and programs for us to participate, while observing and learning from them. While we were introduced to the school formally on Monday the 21st, we found out that most at school already knew lot of about us, thanks to the efforts of Mrs. Karen Tizard and Mrs. Julie Moore, teachers who had visited us in February. The HOPE foundation School photographs were posted all over the school and class rooms on notice boards. It was wonderful to be linked with a school which was so committed to the partnership.

As the week progressed we were involved in observing various classes and subjects, had a once in life time opportunity with the school of seeing the Olympic Torch being carried through Frome, took part in a garden picnic with the Parents, Teachers and Students of school, met with the Senior Management Committee and planned out the future course of the partnership.

One of the highlight was when we were asked to unveil a sculpture by Mr. Anthony Rogers, Father of Astrid and Silvana, students at the school. The sculpture is a beautiful image of a flame, both symbolizing the Olympic flame and the flame to keep our school partnership alive. 

We are very grateful to the Head Teacher Mr. Alan Burgess and all the other staff who made our visit a valuable and memorable one. Looking forward to the future.

The Flame Sculpture

Mr. Antony, Mr. Christopher, Mrs. Pearly and Mr. Alan

With the Mayor of Frome
With the Year 4 children and Mrs. Karen

Waiting with the students for the Olympic Torch

The Olympic Torch

Answering questions of the students

Teaching new games

Teaching Kho-Kho

Answering questions with photos

Observing violin class

With the reception class

Gathering in the morning

Special service at the St John's 

French class

Future violinists

Lunch time

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