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Friday, April 13, 2012

HOPE foundation School Bhuj - Annual Day 2012

"Do not let this children go out this school, they are very confident, they may not have the same environment of learning and opportunity if they go out to another school.
Paraphrasing what Mrs. Laxmi Thennarasan said during her participation in the School Annual Day Program on March 27th 2012 at the Town Hall in Bhuj. She said this while watching a video presentation of the sharing done by the 7th standard students. 

Mrs. Laxmi Thennarasan is the wife of the Kutch District Collector Mr. Thennarasan. The Kutch District Collector was busy with a prior engagement, but on invitation was gracious enough to send his family to grace the occasion. 

The other guests who presided over the event were: 

Mr. Mahesh Rawal, District Primary Education Officer, himself a very renowned teacher and educationist.
Mr. Fafal, Deputy DEO, who has taken additional tasks to get things moving.
Mr. Munshi, Chairman of Wahedana Trust School, who considers his responsibility to help the needy with al his years of experience in the field of education. He is a great friend of HOPE foundation.
Dr. Kashyap Buch with his wife Mrs. Stella. They both have and continue to be wonderful friends and patrons of HOPE foundation.
Ms. Jessy, representative from HOPE foundation Bangalore. She was a vital part of the team which responded initially after the 2001 earthquake.

Mrs. Pearly Christina, Principal of the HOPE foundation School Bhuj represented the school, while the rest of the wonderful staff made sure the children put on a fantastic show of their talents.

It was an evening, which was looked forward to, and which lived up to more than expected. The school students gave their everything in providing great entertainment to the guests, parents and other friends. The students confidence has been visibly on the rise as we see them getting very comfortable on a large stage such as this. 

A few photos to showcase the evening:

The Welcome Dance - देस रंगीला रंगीला (Colour Country)

Lighting Lamp - Mr. Munshi, Mr. Mahesh Rawal, Mr. Fafal, Mrs. Laxmi Thennarasan, Ms. Jessy, Mrs. Pearly (Left to right)

Chief Guest Speech - Mr. Mahesh Rawal - District Primary Education Officer

Jr KG - Nursery Rhyme enacting - At the Zoo

Sr KG - Story enactment - 3 Fishes

1st standard - Dance - सबसे आगे होंगे हिन्दुस्तानी (forward moving Indian)

6th & 7th Boys - Dance - Tamil Song - Ringa Ringa

A fusion dance mixing Tribal and Hip-hop

Great co-ordination

Acrobatic routine

2nd standard - Dance - मेरा जूता हे जापानी - फिरबी दिल हे हिन्दुस्तानी  (popular hindi song - My heart is Indian)

A patriotic Song

3rd standard - Dance - जय हो (Jay Ho)

4th standard - Dance - Hindi Song

Play by 6th & 7th Boys

Story on Mulla Nassuruddin 

5th standard girls - dance - Patriotic

5th standard Boys - Dance - चमक चल्लो (Chamak Challo)

Ms. Jessy - sharing

All students dancing for Bollywood Song

Teachers Dance

Director Mr. Christopher Noel with Dr. Kashyap Buch

All staff with Mr. Munshi

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