The Teachers at School-Bhuj (2011-2012)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Summer well spent - Camp 2012

It was a long and special summer for the participants of this years camp. They got to do so many activities that they had not done the entire year gone by. Thanks to the staff who organised the various activities of the camp. From activities indoors to outdoor action, it was all there to be had. When choosing the photos to add in this blog, it was a pleasant dilemma as to which ones to choose. In short it was an action packed Summer Camp.


Art work from recycled material

Clay modelling


Eat 'n' Drink your way to victory

Girls Cricket time

Batting for the girls

Nice art work

Trying to beat the eat


Burst the balloon

Cool Embroidery

All together

Treasure Hunt

More hunting

Hunting in packs

Fun time at the Hill Garden

Hill Garden

Desi Hockey Golf

Transfer the peas

Good Teachers - helping hand

Snake and Ladder

Shake a leg

All together

Final Day performances


Older participants dance

Enjoying the show

Cool Moves

Some Hip-Hop too

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