The Teachers at School-Bhuj (2011-2012)

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Winners of Principal's Award - July 22nd to 27th

The Principal's Award Winners for the previous week! This week the combined prayer assembly was on a Saturday, which is a non uniform day. So hence the variety in clothes.

Front row - left to right
Drasti ------------ 1st Std Neem Class - She is good in dancing and singing.
Rosmeena -------- 2nd Std Almond Class - She is good in oral work.
Ovesh Javed ----- 3rd Std Nilgiri Class - He gave his full heart in doing activities.
Meet Gor -------- 4th Std Banyan Class - He has improved well in studies recently.
Ashgar ----------- 5th Std Palm Class - He has done his project work well.

Back row - left to right
Faizan ----------- 6th Std Fanas Class - He is prompt in every task given.
Ajay Kumar ----- 7th Std Gulmohar Class - He has a special talent, does hand stand very well.
Moin Badlani ---- 8th Std Bamboo Class - He is very obedient and very disciplined.

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