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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Life Skills - Tour to Multiplex

Every child needs more than just the average academic education to do well in life. They need something more, which we call as life skills. This is the reason Life Skills subject was introduced this year. This course has been offered to the students from 4th, 5th and 6th standard. One of the highlight feature of this course is that the students get to take trips with teachers to civil establishments and learn how they operate besides other facts.

The first such trip was to the only Multiplex in Bhuj, opened recently. The Seven Sky Multiplex allowed the school to conduct a trip to their complex and were given a tour of the facility. The students got to see everything from how tickets get sold to seating arrangements, how movie is procured and how it is projected on screen.

It was a fabulous experience for everyone.
The students even had an opportunity of watching few trailers of upcoming movies.

In future we plan to visit the following:

1. Bhuj Civil Airport
2. City Police Station
3. Bhuj Railway Station
4. Kutch Museum
5. Seven Sky Star Hotel

The students prepare a essay after such visits, which would fetch them reward points.

Some photos of the first visit:

At the Seven Sky Multiplex

Inside with the support staff.

The 6th Standard with Teacher

The Manager Mr. Kumar - Instructions

Projector Room with Operator

Manager explaining how everything works

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