The Teachers at School-Bhuj (2011-2012)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Soheb Ghafar

Soheb’s education is a beacon of hope for the family for whom tragedy is not alien. His family has had more than its share of sorrow.
On 26th January 2001, as the earthquake shook the land of Bhuj, his family were among those whoes life has been shaken upside down.
Soheb (left) with classmate Fhehzan His 2 elder sisters lost their lives during the earthquake. Due to the situation at home and with added pressure Soheb lost his father due to a heart attack.
His mother took over the reins of leading the family and started feeding the family by selling dry fish. Presently his 2 other elder sisters work as maid servants and 2 sisters study in a Gujarati medium school and a toddler sister hangs out with mother.
Among all things that appear bleak at times for their family, we would like to make Soheb’s education a reason for their happiness. Soheb is in Senior Kindergarten and will be moving on to Grade 1 class from June’08.
Soheb(Left) with friend Fhezhan

At School with friends

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