The Teachers at School-Bhuj (2011-2012)

Friday, October 11, 2013

Principal Award Winners!

After a bit of a break due to some flash rains & festivals, especially on Fridays when the awards are given out. But the awards for those periods were still given out last week and today.

Here are the whole lot, together.

Winners of the period September 23rd to 27th
Names: (left to right)

Front Row:

Jayendra (Class Anjeer) - Good with writing skills.
Abhishek (Class Oak) - Good reciting skills.
Siyaz (Class Neem) - Bold and keeps class work clean and tidy.
Sahil (Class Almond) - Improved in studies.
Sajiya Banu (Class Nilgiri) - Fantastic improvement in writing skills.

Back Row:

Mujamil (Class Banyan) - Good writing skills.
Prem (Class Palm) - Attentive in the class.
Koushik (Class Fanas) - Good improvement in Maths.
Aayaz (Class Gulmohar) - Shows lots of interest in activities.
Sameena (Class Bamboo) - Very active and loves helping others.

Winners of the period October 1st to 4th
Names: (left to right)

Front Row:

Goshiya (Class Anjeer) - Good hand writing.
Bhumika (Class Oak) - Improved a lot in her speaking skills.
Taufik (Class Neem) - Keeps classwork books clean and tidy.
Alfaz (Class Almond) - Listens to teaching attentively.
Chaki Aman (Class Nilgiri) - Good drawing skills.

Back Row:

Soyab Kumbhar (Class Banyan) - Responsible with school cleanliness.
Feijal (Class Palm) - Finishes tasks welll in time.
Abdul Gani (Class Fanas) - Responsible with school work.
Govind (Class Gulmohar) - Changed a lot in listening to instructions.
Dhawal (Class Bamboo) - Actively involved in projects.

Winners of the period October 7th - 11th
Names (left to right)

First Row: 
Aasna from Class Anjeer loves helping others.
Priyanshu  from Class Oak has been behaving very well.
Rizwan from Class Neem has been consistently making much effort in school.
Neetu from Class Almond is very thoughtful. She listens when teacher speaks.

Second Row:
Reihan from Class Nilgiri enoys maths, it's a joy teaching him maths.
Heena from Class Banyan has taken a liking to drawing and good at it.
Kausar from Class Palm  is very obedient to teacher.

Third Row:
Harsh from Class Fanas is responsible with work given to him.
Tejendra Singh from Class Gulmohar has very good manners.
Daivik Class Bamboo is one of the most well behaved boys and very obedient too.

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