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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Winners of Principal's Award - September 2nd to 6th

It's become a very popular award for the students. It's also very exciting to see children make effort to be recognised to do well. 

Here are the latest lot;

Left to right:

Front Row: 
Sabir (Class Neem) - Good in drawing and finishes classwork on time
Sizan (Class Almond) - Good in studies, very eager to participate in activities
Parihan (Class Nilgiri) - Responsible with all her classwork
Rohti Prajapati (Class Banyan) - Has improved and become good in maths, besides drawing.

Back Row:
Muhib (Class Palm) - Very responsible with all tasks
Raihan (Class Fanas) - Eager to complete his responsibilities
Devang (Class Gulmohar) - Very creative, he made a skateboard with waste items.
Manav (Class Bamboo) - Good in extracurricular activities, eg: Dance.

Fantastic Smiles!

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