The Teachers at School-Bhuj (2011-2012)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

1st Principal's Award

A new award has been initiated at the school, called the Principal's Award. This would be a weekly endeavor to encourage and appreciate all students in every class. 

This award would be given out on the weekly combined school assembly. Each class teacher would watch out for encouraging behaviour from the students and select that child to be the recipient of the award. Each will get a sticker award and a special mention in front of the school. 

Every child in each class will get an opportunity by this means to be awarded at the least once in a year.

The first batch of recipients.

(Left to right - front row)
Dhavni - 7th Class - Good in studying.
Shifa - 4th Class - Good in activities.
Shayba - 1st Class - Very Prompt
Abeni - 3rd Class - Very good in reading English
Varish - 2nd Class - Prompt in completing HW

(Back row)
Muskan - 8th Class - Very respectful to all.
Taskeen - 6th Class - Very obedient
Aniket - 5th Class - Studies very well. 

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