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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Annual Day 2010

The last one month was quite a different scenario at the HOPE foundation School. If you had walked through the school corridors, you would have seen all the children excited about preparations. If you stop and enquire, you would have found out that the preparations were for the school Annual day celebration. This was an opportunity to showcase their talents.

This was a great event organised with much involvement from the Parents. Some parents put together a dance routine too. In more than one ways it was a miraculous day.

As the day of the event approached, the first miracle started. The rains commenced in Bhuj. Where for the last 30 years (at least) it had not rained for more than couple of days, it was raining for 2 weeks constantly. Though this was a good thing for Bhuj, it was a bad news for the School, as it would hinder the event, to be held in the open ground.

As the day approached the forecast had not altered, as more rain was predicted. The options were to postpone or find a hall. This led us to finding the Town Hall. This was the 2nd miracle. The hall was booked on all days except the day we wanted for event, this was the 3rd miracle. It was cheaper than hiring 600 chairs for our school, and it came with 1000 seats, with a huge stage and a wonderful acoustic setup, this was the next miracle.

On the day of event we were apprehensive if all will come due to change of location and rains. We had initially expected 600 people to come. But, as miracles go, over 800 hundred people showed up. The children were really excited and let their best flow in all their performances.

The Chief Guests were Mr. Viraj Barot, Principal of Sanskar English Medium School; Dr. Kashyap Buch, Senior Physician in Government Civil Hospital; Mrs. Stella Buch, member Inner-wheel. Many other guests also graced the occasion. The events included dance routines from the Primary classes, fancy/fashion show from the Nursery classes, skit, Songs by teachers, dance by parents and a video presentation of the past years. The children who had excelled academically in the past year were rewarded with prizes by the Chief Guests. The prizes were sponsored by a friend of HOPE foundation in Bhuj, who liked to remain anonymous.

Chief Guests

Lighting of Lamp by Mr. Viraj Barot, Principal, Sanskar School.

Mrs. Stella Buch lighting the lamp

Mr. Christopher ligting the lamp

Welcome Dance - Dholna

Welcome Dance - Rajasthani Style - 5th/6th class

Parents Dance - Kutchi Style

Fashion Show - Nursery

Choti-si-asha - Dance by 1st Standard

Dance by 1st standard

Dance by 3rd standard - Disco

Students in audience

All audience
Remarks by people who attended:
“I have covered so many programs; this is one of the best I have been too.”
Mr. Khatri, Reporter from the Kutch Aam-tak newspaper.

“This is a well organised event, which would be a bridge between our schools for the future.”
Mr. Viraj Barot, Principal – Sanskar English medium School.

“We, the kutch people, ourselves do not know the dance, but heartening to see the Principal madam learn and dance along with the parents.”
One of the parents.

“This is a wonderful event; you should have invited many more people from the press.”
Mr. Bavesh, Reporter from Aaj-Kal News.

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