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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cricket group for community service

A group of boys come together to play cricket at the HOPE foundation school every evening. One of these days we realized that a particularly deep pothole on the Airport road was not being taken care by the PWD of Bhuj. The plan to fill this pothole ourselves was made and the idea put forth before these boys, who immediately agreed.
On a Saturday, we all came together, earlier then usual and drove to this spot along with the support staff of the CoH. Once there, it was a scurry of activity, as all the boys started doing what they came to do and in no time the hole was filled.
Many motorists will have a peaceful ride at this spot, rather than curse the Government officials.

Before the team messed it up.

In the process of collecting mud

Filling with stones before packing mud

The Team working together

Ayub(support staff) helping with hands of experience

Giving his Best - Dinesh (my Son)

The first beneficiaries to enjoy the fruit

The Proud team - (from right to left)
Vishal, Chirag, Bavin, Ayub, Rajan, Bavesh, Anand,
Rohan, Sagar, Sashwath, Suraj, Yogesh, Dinesh and Peter.

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