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Monday, February 2, 2009

2009 Annual Sports Day

Another year has passed by and the new year brings new hope along. Though the 26th of January was a black day for Gujarat, due to the earthquake in 2001, in recent times, people have learnt to look forward and continue leading their lives with resilence.
The HOPE foundation School in Bhuj continues to be an leader in this avenue. In 2007 we decided to remember the 26th of Jan, which incidently happens to be India's Republic Day, as the School's Annual Sports Day.
This year we continued the tradition forward. The school wore that festive look once again. It was a time for action and fun for the entire school. It was heart warming to see many local community youth being involved as volunteers to help the school conduct this event.
The Chief Guest was the Chairman of Vahedna School, Sanjognagar, which is run by their trust. He has been a very active member of the District Education Board holding the Education Inspector's post among other responsibilities. Though he is retired, he is still active in educational development plans.
He delivered a speech which included inspiration for Sudents, encouragment for Teachers and motivation for Parents. He distributed prizes for the winners of the Singing and Dancing Competitions held recently(See previous posts).
After the Indian Flag hoisting and National Anthem, followed by Parade, The Sports events were started off by lighting of the Olympic Torch, which was a relay by few chosen 5th standard students. They light the Olympic Flame, which continued till the end of the events.
Below are few pictures from the event. Enjoy them and bless our Children.
Thank You.
Flag Hoisting
Chief Guest Mr. Munshi Addressing
Prize Distribution
Lighting the Olympic Torch
The Olympic Flame
Full Glory

Race On!

Eating Race
Traditional sack race
The Frog Leap race
Fill water race

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