The Teachers at School-Bhuj (2011-2012)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Latest

Following are few words on recent happenings at the Center of HOPE-Bhuj

Ravi Ruparel is a volunteer from UK. He spent 6 weeks training the local youth in Basics and few techniques of Cricket. The whole idea was to bring together the youth from local community and create a network of volunteers for the CoH's developement initiatives in future. The boys had a great time, as you can see.

Stretching Exercise

Fielding Practise

More Stretching Practise

The 4th Grade children were initiated into the ways of gardening, to enable them to understand biological life better and also to be involved in growth, around themselves. All the students were invloved from the initial stages of cleaning the small patch and ploughing it and sowing the seeds. We shall soon see Lady's finger grow on these plants.
Cleaning the Patch

Hands on job
All involved
Getting to Sow
The teachers have taken a lot of interest in the education of or students, therefore they have started using visual methods a lot more to pass on the lesson. There have been an increase in wall displays at the classrooms, which was something that was decided during the recently concluded Teachers Training Workshop. As you can see I have posted a few for your viewing;

Chart for Colour

Moral Story Chart
Science Chart
Fruits Chart

Moral Story Chart
The Indepence day on August 15th was special as it was the 60th year celebration. The school had a time of the Tiranga (Indian Tricolour Flag) being hoisted and the few children mentioned the importance of the Day in their speech. The students who stood out in the area of Cleanliness, Discipline and Studies recieved prizes for the same from Ravi Ruparel. The last part of the day was a dance routine by the students which was taught by Ravi.

Beginning the Assembly
Flag Hoisting

The Dance Troupe

Prizes distribution

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