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Friday, August 10, 2007

Rainy Days at Bhuj

Its a very rare but welcome sight when it rains in Bhuj which is in the Kutch District one of the 2 most driest place in India, the other being in Rajasthan. Therefore when it rains, people unlike elsewhere do not run into their homes, but on the contrary run out into the streets to enjoy every bit of the ever elusive waters from the skies. Even when it is as devastative as was the case the last couple of days!

It was a very painful sight to see people having water run into their homes due to overflowing of water from the local Amritsvar Lake, which was again due to heavy rains. But as I went around trying to measure the extent of damage, it was a very happy crowd that I saw around, happy for the coolness in the middle of heat. I had captured some pictures of the levels of water flow & also some of the excitment in people, some even fishing as the fish were forced out of the lake. Take a look and enjoy!

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